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(Watch) Earthquake Relief: Dr. Lalit’s Experience

Following the November 2023 earthquake that struck Jajarkot, western Nepal, killing around 200 people and injuring many more, DFN consultant, Dr. Lalit has reported on his part in relief efforts: https://youtu.be/cDxf_gZHXSg

Raising Awareness: DFN Nurse Reports on Family Planning Initiative

Report on Health teaching on Family Planning in Community By Yuna Shahi Date:15th November, 2023 In many communities, there is a lack of awareness on family planning remains a significant barriers to reproductive health. To address these issues, again I organized a community workshop in another ward of Mahawai, Kalikot District on 7th November, 2023 with the help of Rajkumari Dura mam to provide family planning health teaching directly within the community by walking through its neighborhood. This reports highlights the objective, methods, challenges and impact of this community-centric approach. The primary objectives of the family ...

DFN Doctors Volunteer at Health Camp

DFN doctor, Man Bahadur Darji, took part in a health camp this week, along with colleagues, including fellow DFN Doctor, Kamal Hamal. They helped 150 patients by volunteering to conduct diabetes and hypertension screening. With diabetes becoming increasingly prevalent and cardiovascular disease a leading cause of death in Nepal, screening camps are an invaluable resource. For Dr. Man, this is also a great opportunity to gain valuable experience during his internship year, ahead of working in the remote regions next year, where health camps like this are a lifeline for many patients who live days away from the nearest hospital.

Earthquake in Western Nepal

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the earthquake that hit western Nepal on 3rd November, which killed over 150 people, injuring many more and devastating homes and communities. Several of the DFN team were involved in relief efforts. Newly qualified DFN nurse, Sita, had just started her first job at Surkhet hospital, when she and her colleagues, including DFN Doctors, Lalit and Purna, were called upon to help victims of the disaster. Patients, having received first aid at the scene, were rushed to them for further treatment. Injuries ranged from soft tissue wounds and fractures to severe head injuries, pneumothorax, renal impairment, ...

Case Study by Dr. Meena: A Young Mother in Need of Emergency Care

Thank you to Dr. Meena (pictured here with fellow DFN doctor, Nahakul) for sending us this case study from her time working in Mugu. This case illustrates how Meena and her colleagues’ quick actions and decisions led to a positive outcome for a young mother and her baby, despite working in a setting with limited resources.  It is just one of the many, many cases that shows the vital importance of quality maternity care being in reach of patients to decrease the levels of maternal and infant mortality in the region. 'A 19-year-old female from Mugu was brought to our emergency (department) with a complaint of per vaginal bleeding for one hour at ...