Current job: Working as an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist at Surkhet Hospital, Karnali Province
Progress: Completed undergraduate training. Served as doctor in rural areas for 4 years.  Completed postgraduate training, Cairo, Egypt.
Location of origin: Kalikot Disctrict, Karnali Zone, West Nepal
Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
Siblings: One younger brother and 5 sisters




Latest News

November 2022:

Lalit is continuing to do well in his role at Surkhet hospital.  Alongside this demanding post, he also runs a clinic, which he attends after his shifts at the hospital. He continues to be a health leader in his community, attending health camps, training others and acting as a mentor for other DFN scholars.

November 2021:

Having now become an obs and gynae specialist, Lalit has taken up a post in his chosen specialism in Surkhet Hospital, Karnali Province, the job is busy and Lalit works long hours seeing hundreds of patients every month.

July 2021:

July 2021, Cairo, Egypt – Lalit celebrating his post graduate success with Prof Hisham Mamdouh Haggag

CONGRATULATIONS LALIT!  Lalit has passed his masters degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Cairo so is a graduated consultant doctor.  He is now planning his return to Nepal and will be looking for a consultant’s job back in his home district of Kalikot.  It is hard to believe that after meeting Dr Kate 16 years ago, our very first doctor for Nepal is now a fully qualified consultant.  We couldn’t be more proud of you Lalit and all that you have achieved since that promise from Kate on a hilltop in Kalikot.

February 2019:

We continue to support Lalit with his postgraduate studies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Cairo.  He has been bonded to work back in remote Nepal for a further 5 years upon completion of his studies.  The skills he will gain as a specialist will further his ability to save lives, impart his skills to others and lead his community to a better state of health.

Lalit continues to work extremely hard although he is still finding communication quite challenging: “All communication in the hospital is in Arabic, so it’s hard for me to always understand what is being discussed! I am learning a bit of Arabic now and can understand a lot more.“ Lalit

He works very long shifts in the hospital; sometimes as long a 30 hours with no rest. We asked him what he does on his day off:  “I buy ingredients, cook, eat the food then sleep. I have no time to do anything else but I am happy as I need to eat and sleep a lot!”

June 2018:  

Lalit has just completed his 4 years commitment to DFN to work in a remote area of Nepal. We are extremely pleased to report that his work has significantly contributed to healthcare in remote Nepal, and to date he has undertaken over 200 Caesarean sections, saving the lives of many mothers and babies. He is now also a skilled vasectomy surgeon, and has over 1000 procedures under his belt – a significant contribution to long-term contraception.  Although Lalit is very keen to continue working in rural Nepal, he has been unable to secure postgraduate training within his home country.  But thanks to generous donations we are now able to help Lalit with his postgraduate studies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Cairo University, in Egypt, where he has been offered one of a handful of government scholarships.  This scholarship includes a bond to serve back in Nepal for five years upon completion of his training. He will also be bonded with DFN to serve a minimum of 4 of those years in a remote rural area – in doing so, taking his expertise to thousands of women and babies. We wish Lalit well in his postgraduate studies, and look forward to hearing updates as he progressing through his training. Over the next 3 years we will continue to raise funds to ensure he is able to complete his studies, but also towards our other newly qualified doctors who will also be commencing postgraduate studies in the coming years. It is vital that we are able to ensure their continued professional development as doctors, so that they can provide the highest standard of medical care to these forgotten, remote populations.

March 2018:  Lalit is currently working in a remote district hospital in Rukum District in mid-western Nepal, while he continues to apply for postgraduate courses to further his studies.    Here’s what he says about his work:

Lalit carrying out a caesarean section

“I am working with the government’s comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care programme. My prime responsibilities are to take care of pregnancy, pregnancy related complications and neonatal problems. I see the women in the antenatal clinic, manage deliveries in the labour room and perform emergency caesarean sections for complicated deliveries in the operating theatre.  During the past 4 months, I have done 5 emergency caesarian sections, 185 normal deliveries, and have treated many women needing abortions and those who have miscarried. 

I also work in the family planning clinic where we provide free condoms, pills, coils and other permanent methods of family planning like vasectomies.  I recently went to different villages to provide a mobile vasectomy service in Rukum, Jajarkot and one village in Dolpa district.  In all I carried out 46 vasectomies in two weeks.”

Lalit cooks on open fire

Rukum village where Lalit is working

Lalit tends to mother and baby after C-section


December 2017:  Lalit is now working back in his home district, Kalikot, at Manma Hosptial, whilst continuing to study for his postgraduate training.  He hopes very much to secure one of the very rare government postgraduate posts on offer.  Lalit writes: “I hope to start a new job at either the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences or at Patan Hospital, Kathmandu, but nothing is certain. I will be preparing for my postgraduate entrance exam at the same time as working. I am completely dedicated to bringing healthcare in remote Nepal but I need to refine my skill, knowledge enough to make a real difference.  I want to thank everyone who has donated money to help me with my studies. I cannot believe how much money has been raised and I am truly very grateful. I will strive to do my very best work as a doctor in the remotest parts of Nepal. Thank you.” 

May 2017:   Lalit is currently studying for exams to gain entry into postgraduate training. We are actively seeking additional donations to continue to support Lalit through his postgraduate training.

February 2017:  Lalit met up with our three new nursing students.  He is keen to make sure that they feel welcomed into the DFN familY

September 2016: Lalit undertook a 3-month clinical placement in Milan (funded by another charity) to learn the use of obstetric ultrasound. Despite experiencing significant culture-shock, he was able to gain from his placement and said:

“I hope it will be useful for rural Nepal where women are dying due to lack of early diagnosis of complicated pregnancies.”