5 DFN places in PHASE WORLDWIDE COAST TO COAST cycle event

Doctors for Nepal has been given 5 places in PHASE WORLDWIDE’S Coast to Coast cycle event on 8 May 2020 – 11 May 2020

The C2C is one of the most well-known long distance cycle routes in the UK.  First taking in the stunning Lake District, then across the Eden Valley to the beautiful Northern Pennines, before dropping down to the post industrial landscape of the North East.

As there are many variations of this route, PHASE have chosen to begin in Whitehaven and end in Sunderland (215 km/133 miles).  This will be completed over three days of cycling, which allows for a range of abilities to be able to take part.  The challenge will begin on the morning of Friday 8th May (Bank Holiday), you will arrive in Sunderland on the afternoon of the Sunday.  On the Monday morning, PHASE will transport all participants and their bikes back to the starting point at Whitehaven.

The route is comprised of specially constructed cycle paths, off-road tracks and micro roads, only occasionally straying onto short sections of busier roads where necessary.

The route (PHASE may later suggest slight adjustments based on advice) is available to view here

PHASE will be organising accommodation for all participants on the Friday (around Penrith), Saturday (around Rookhope) and Sunday (Sunderland) nights in guesthouses on a shared room basis.

The PHASE support team will be on hand the whole way, and will transport your luggage to the accommodation each night.

It is possible to complete the route on a range of different types of bike, however as there is a mix of terrain, a hybrid type bike may be most useful. A fairly wide range of gears will be the most important asset to help you traverse some of the uphill climbs.

The event registration fee is £250 and PHASE have set a fundraising target for each rider of £400.  All funds raised by our DFN riders will be used specifically for scholarships for the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives that we sponsor at PHASE Nepal.

If you would like to take up one of DFN’s 5 places, please contact cesca@doctorsfornepal.org and she will let you know how you can register.