Our DFN Doctors

Our first 4 students to become Doctors for Nepal.

Our first doctor, Lalit, who graduated in 2013, has now completed his 4 year commitment to DFN to work as a doctor in a remote area of Nepal and is now studying on a postgraduate scholarship and working as a doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Cairo University, in Egypt.

Our first female graduate, Meena, graduated in 2016 and is currently doing her rural posting as a doctor in Mugu District hospital, in the Karnali province in remote north west Nepal.

Our third doctor, Nahakul, also graduated in 2016 and he too is currently doing his rural posting as a doctor at Manma Hospital in Kalikot district in north west Nepal.

Our fourth student to become a Doctor for Nepal is Prakash.  He passed his final 5th year medical student exams at the end of March 2019 and is now working as an intern at PAHS before hopefully securing a job as a doctor in a remote region of Nepal.

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Our Doctors

Lalit Jung Shahi

My Sponsors are my living GOD... Thank you very much to all my sponsors!

Nahakul Shahi

"I was pursuing the dream of thousands who live amongst poverty..."

Meena Kafle Chaulagain

I wanted to be a good physician and serve those people in rural areas who are poor, uneducated, and innocent but they have desire to improve their life style.

Prakash Thakulla

Your financial generosity has allowed me to one step closer to my dream and has inspired me to help others by giving to the community.