Progress: Completed study, commenced his internship at PAHS in August 2022
Location of origin: Nagma Kalikot, Karnali Nepal.
Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
Siblings: 1 younger sister

“I feel so happy to become a part of this DFN family.  So much thanks for choosing me, thanks for trusting and promising to help me.”

Latest News

August 2022:

Jeevan has passed his final exams and is now a Doctor for Nepal! We’re so thrilled for him as he begins his new journey.

June 2022:

I am currently in Kathmandu. I returned from a four month posting at the district hospital in Gorkha, one of the rural districts. This posting is an academic posting. At the moment, I am staying in the hostel and preparing for my upcoming exams for the final year’ – Jeevan

Jeevan plans to follow his exams with a trip home to his village, before his internship of one year begins.

March 2018: 

Jeevan writes: “My days as a medical student are going very well. I am learning many new things everyday. For that I would like to thank all of you and associated donors from the core of my heart. I feel blessed. 

Nowadays I am in the middle of the first year and everything is working out quite well. At the beginning of my studies I had few problems regarding the confusion of course contents but I have sorted them out with the help of seniors. Now I am confident in doing much better in upcoming days.   After two weeks, I will be having my second community posting to Makwanpur district. I  am excited for this.”


Dhanendra and Jeevan, studying hard March 2018