Progress: Having worked as a doctor in her remote district of Kalikot, in Manma Hospital, she is now preparing for postgraduate study.
Location of origin: Bhadpani-6, Phoimahadev, Kalikot
Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
Siblings: One elder brother and three sisters


November 2021
We are pleased to announce that Apsara has started working as a doctor at Manma Hospital, in her remote district of Kalikot. Like all of our qualified doctors, she hopes to stay in her remote region once her bond has finished.  Congratulations Apsara.

July 2021
HUGE congratulations to Apsara who has just completed her 1 year internship at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu and is now back in her remote village, Kalikot, where she hopes to be taking up a job as doctor at Manma Hospital.  Her dream of bringing healthcare to rural Nepal will soon be realised.  We are so very proud of you Apsara.

Apsara with Meena

July 2020: “I have graduated as a doctor! I am so very pleased and grateful to Doctors For Nepal for all they have done for me. Thank you Doctors For Nepal, you have made my dream of becoming a doctor come true.”

February 2019: Apsara continues to work really hard and has now completed her board exams in which she is verbally examined in all 8 departments.  She is awaiting her results – we are positive that she will pass and get excellent marks.

“Every thing is going on very well these days. There was little bit of exam pressure otherwise everything was good. Altogether 8 departments to be completed so it was quite bulky. 
I just realised its already 4 years here in PAHS. Now 2 more years and then I will be there in my village area as a doctor. Today onward I will have holidays for 2 weeks and then elective posting and then senior clerkship. I am surprised how fast time went on. I still feel I am same but just look every thing has changed.” Apsara
October 2018:  “My days are going on well I am enjoying  minor subjects. Till now I have completed Radiology, Psychiatry and Anaesthesia. Currently I am posted in dental next week we will have Dashain vacation and after recent one week I will have my minor formative exams.” Apsara

March 2018:  Apsara writes: “Currently I am in my third year study and I am doing my 3rd year mid rotation. These days I am posted to the medicine department which is quite busy. After this rotation I will be in the paediatric department for two months and then I will take a formative exam and another 1 month posting, after which I will have my board exam.”

July 2017: Apsara gained excellent results in her Comprehensive Basic Science Exam (CBSE) exam – her marks were in the following ranges:Theory: 60-80%, Practical: 60-80%, Overall: 80-100%

She is now starting her clinical training.  CONGRATULATIONS APSARA!