Books donated to our students

We are extremely lucky and grateful to have received a donation of 3 large boxes of medical books for our students, which have arrived in Kathmandu from the UK.

Prakash, Apsara, Purna and Kamal opening the boxes

Kamal and Purna

Dr Prakash organised all the students to come together for a grand opening ceremony, before putting the books in the DFN library.  These days in the UK, most medical students use the internet to advance their knowledge, as much of the information in the more traditional medical text books is available online.  However, for our students and doctors in Nepal, internet connection is very poor in their rural communities, and so they rely very much on medical books.  As our DFN family celebrate Tihar, a five-day-long Hindu festival of lights celebrated in Nepal, these books are a very much appreciated surprise gift, and have gone straight into the DFN dedicated library.

If you are interested in donating medical books or equipment, please contact for a reading list.