Bea and Tim at start

Huge congratulations to TEAMDFN who ran for us in the Brighton Half Marathon yesterday.  It was a beautiful sunny day and our five runners – Bea, Tim, Issy, Eli and Connor – all excelled themselves.  We cannot thank them enough for all their fundraising efforts – so far they have raised over £1,900 between them.  All of this money will go directly to help fund our students in Nepal.  Without the amazing fundraising efforts of people like Bea, Tim, Issy, Eli and Connor our charity couldn’t survive – THANK YOU THANK YOU.

You can still donate here if you’re impressed by our team’s efforts:

And here’s their times in case you’re interested – some of them had never run a half marathon before!

Eli              02:10:02
Issy            02.10.03
Bea           02.15.34
Connor     02:15:57
Tim            02.32.10

Eli and Issy at start

Nigel and Cesca volunteers