Covid news from Dr Prakash

News just in from Dr Prakash, one of our graduated Doctors For Nepal, who is currently working as a doctor in the remote region of Doti in north west Nepal. He and his colleagues are finding it extremely difficult to treat any patients presenting with Covid symptoms as they have no equipment or ICU facilities available. Please read Prakash’s account in his own words:

“Namaste. You must know the pandemic situation all over Nepal is currently out of control and hospitals facing deepening crisis that is likely to get worse in coming weeks. Most of the hospitals running out of oxygen, supplies, medicine and beds so that neither we could admit any more patients nor we have centres for referral. 

Sudurpaschim Province has around 3 million population but only 56 ICU beds available with around 30 ventilators. With thousands of workers returning from neighbouring hard-hit India, the cases are increasing exponentially. It’s nearly 8 to 10 thousands cases per day all over the country with limited tests. This surge has rapidly overwhelmed hospitals and depleted medical supplies.

In our hospital we have witnessed 5 deaths till now and among them one was a 32 year old engineer. We are also facing lack of oxygen supply. We have to wait 4 to 5 days to refill 10-15 oxygen cylinders that finish within 2 days. Every day hospital staff are getting infected but fortunately none of them require supplemental oxygen; it must be because all the staff are vaccinated. We are facing lack of not only oxygen but oxygen flowmeters, oxygen masks, nasal cannulas, oxygen concentratorsand necessary drugs also.

I am the only doctor here performing cessarean delivery so most of the time I deal with pregnant mothers and neonatal. I have less time to spend with COVID patients. I have done an emergency C- section of a postdated mother with twins tonight and they are doing well.

We could do better to save lifes if we have adequate oxygen supply with more number of beds. The big worry we all are facing is what to do when our family or relatives get sick.

Government has allocated some budget to our hospital for oxygen plant hopefully we will start producing oxygen within a month.

Thank you all of you DFN mrmbers for supporting and encouraging us in this harsh situation. We all love you.”