Crowdfunding to finish important fundraising documentary

Have you ever contemplated or thought about how easy it is for you to see a doctor? I know we have all, at times, complained about the NHS (or our equivalent Health care system). We moan when we can’t get a same-day appointment for a sore throat. But what if you were told you had to walk for 9 days to get to see your family doctor? Over enormous mountains, sleeping in mud huts, not really knowing if the doctor might be there at the end of your journey, and you risk dying on route? This is the reality for millions of people living in rural Nepal.

As a charity we raise funds to train doctors, and send them back to their communities – bringing medical care closer to the patients.

We are currently making a documentary to raise awareness of the plight of patients trying to access healthcare in the worlds most remote regions.  It will also add to our fundraising efforts.  We want to be able to complete the film without using funds already raised for our medical students. It will be ready to be watched at the end of November on DVD and in private cinema showings in the United Kingdom.

Please do help us with this vital project by clicking on and pledging £20, £30, £50, £100 or £500.

Thank you