DFN-Funded Equipment Makes an Impact in Bajura

Thanks to a DFN donation, another piece of equipment is now being put to full use in a rural area, making a significant impact on maternal healthcare there.

The donation, sent to one of our fantastic charity partners, PHASE Nepal, facilitated acquisition of a USG (ultrasound machine). Six nurses were provided twenty-one days of comprehensive training on the use of the machine between April and May this year, and are now either utilizing it, or planning to do so in their respective health posts in the coming months.

The machine was first used in Rugin village where a PHASE Auxiliary Nurse Midwife examined fifteen pregnant women, including one mother expecting twins. The government subsequently procured another of these machines for this village, enabling the DFN-funded machine to be transferred to Bichhya, an extremely isolated village in Bajura district, where the nurses stationed there are currently making use of it.

Ultrasound scans are an invaluable resource, empowering health professionals to confirm pregnancy, estimate due date, assess foetal growth, monitor organ development, identify placental abnormalities, assess amniotic fluid levels and guide medical procedures. This crucial equipment fills a significant gap in low-resource settings like Rugin and Bichhya, granting healthcare providers the means to offer comprehensive care to expectant mothers.