DFN awards 3 more nursing scholarships

We are very pleased to announce that we have awarded scholarships to 3 new nurses who have just started their nursing training at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) Nursing College.

We have awarded full scholarships to Niruta Shahi and Hardevi Bhandari and a half scholarship to Sita Sharma.  All three students come from the remote province of Jumla, part of the Karnali District.

Nitura with her father

Niruta, 16, lives in Jumla with her father, who’s a shopkeeper, her mother and 2 siblings – her younger brothers.

Hardevi, 16, lives in a small remote village in Jumla with her parents (farmers) and her sister and 2 brothers.

Sita, 16, also lives in a small remote village in Jumla, with her parents (farmers) and 2 younger brothers.  She was given a half scholarship by KAHS but without our offer to make it up to a full scholarship she would not have been able to take up her place at Nursing college.

We welcome all three to the DFN family and are excited to see them progress with their studies and become excellent nurses.

Sita with her father

Hardevi’s village