DFN sending PPE to Nepal

As a result of our online auction held at the end of last year, we have raised enough funds specifically to purchase and distribute PPE for our doctors, nurses, medical, nursing and midwifery students and their colleagues in remote regions of Nepal.

We have collaborated  with PHASE Nepal, who are purchasing the appropriate equipment on our behalf, and it is now on its way to Jumla and Mugu.  We are in also negotiating with PHASE for the safe distribution and storage of the PPE. We have asked 2 of our doctors, Nahakul and Meena, to take on the final arrangements for the distribution of the PPE, the purpose of which is to provide our DFN family with adequate protection from Covid. However, it is also for wider use with their medical teams, particularly in the more remote areas such as health posts. They have both agreed to take personal responsibility for ensuring that the PPE gets to the most vulnerable and hard to reach populations.  

We have also donated a significant amount of money to PHASE Nepal as a protection fund for health workers needing emergency care if they contract Covid, which will of course include all of our DFN family.”