DFN supports first midwifery degree-level course in Nepal

L-R: Jeevan, Santosh, Dhanendra, Kamal, Prakash and Purna

DFN Nepal family L-R: Santosh, Binita, Purna,Sumati, Neelam, Kate, Prakash, Yuna, Jeevan, Kamal, Dhanendra

Our Founder, Dr Kate Yarrow, has just returned from an extremely busy and successful week in Nepal.  We can now proudly announce that Doctors for Nepal has just signed agreements to support the first ever midwifery degree-level course in Nepal: we will provide scholarships to the most needy and deserving, impoverished students from the Karnali region.  While Kate was in Kathmandu she met up with as many of our students and doctors as she could for a fantastic team building day – some of our doctors and students are abroad studying or working as doctors and on placements in the remotest parts of Nepal.  Kate’s other news is that the eminent Dr Baghwan Koirala has become our very first Nepalese Trustee.  We are very grateful to him for giving us so much of his time.  Great work Kate!

L-R: Dhanendra, Sumati, Neelam, Kamal, Purna

L-R: Binita, Neelam, Yuna, Kamal