Doctors for Nepal was invited on to a 90 minute live TV show today.  They were there to talk about the work we do but also to share the plight of 2 young sisters we have befriended in a displacement camp in Kathmandu.  In October 2015, Kate and Gareth (director/cameraman) filmed 15 year old Susmita and 11 year old Santhi in their tent in the camp.  Their house had been destroyed in the April 2015 earthquake.  Kate promised them she would return when she was next in Nepal – she has kept her promise and managed to find them again, still living in squalor – same tent, same camp.  News got out in Kathmandu, and Nepal TV came to the camp to film Kate with the sisters.  As a result, DFN was invited to take part in a live TV show today.  We will post a link to the youtube channel just as soon as it’s available to view.  In the meantime, here’s something Kate filmed on her mobile phone as she tried to find the girls earlier this week.