Dhanendra organises 1,800 masks for his remote region

3rd year DFN medical student Dhanendra heard that health workers in his remote part of Nepal – Dailekh, Kalikot and Bajura – have no access at all to basic PPE i.e. masks. He really wanted to do something about this and was talking to his friend Bhagyashwari Singh who is studying nursing in USA. Together they came up with a plan.

“I read news in national daily paper that health workers working in Bajura treating patients without PPE or even masks and that make me so sad. I shared the news with Bhagyashwari. We talked a lot on the phone and she told me that she can contribute if I can organise.  Due to lockdown international flights are canceled and so it was impossible to send masks from USA. So what i did was I call to my friends who are living near city in Nepal. One of my friends sourced the masks in far west Dhangadhi. I called the shopkeeper and made a deal on the price – he was happy with 25 rupees per surgical mask. Bhagyashwari then put the money in the shopkeepers account and I arranged for a jeep to drive for 2 days to deliver the masks to my home town. We managed to deliver 1800 to 4 rural municipalities and 2 municipalities. It makes me very happy to do this.