Dr Lalit attends course in Italy

image1Lalit in Milan

Our first DFN doctor, Dr Lalit, is currently on a 3-month placement in Milan studying obstetric ultrasound training – a skill which he hopes will help save many lives in rural Nepal.  He has just sent us the following email with news about how he is progressing:

Dear DFN trustees, all DFN sponsors and DFN family as a whole,

Namaste!   I am in Milan Italy for the Obstetric USG screening and Obstetric Emergency training invited by Mangiagalli obstetric and gynaecology, University of Milano and sponsored by Cuore Fratello Onlus, Italy.  I observe and work under the supervision of consultant Doctor:

  • Observed and practice normal pregnancy USG screening, observed pathological and  congenital  prenatal diagnosis by USG. I am more interested on ultrasound because I did not have much knowledge on this topic.
  • Observed the Obstetric  emergency cases in Emergency and involved its management and procedure.
  • I used to go to OT, observed modern technique of operation, laparoscopy surgery , usually involved in LSCS, done one under permission and supervision of consultant.

This training will definitely help me to upgrade my knowledge and skill in obstetric, especially in obstetric USG screening, early diagnosis of complicated delivery and management of complication.

I hope, it would be useful for rural Nepal where women are dying due to lack of early diagnosis of complicated pregnancy (abnormal lie, presentation, placenta previa, ectopic etc), early intervention or early refer to hospital where specialist and surgery are available.

My impression on western hospital are:- comparable

Western hospital have:

  1. Perfect management and system.
  2. Adequate resources (material, man power)
  3. Available Latest technology and equipment.
  4. Education level of general public and
  5. Better working environment for the medico and paramedic.

Our hospital have:

  1. Lack of above point, it doesn’t mean nothing but we have to improve a lots.
  2. Maximum learning environment for Doctor because we have to see all type of patient in district hospital in rural.
  3. Good competent Doctor.
  4. We give priority to patient  ‘ patient centred’ I.e we treat patient first then documentation. Here lots of documentation before treatment, ‘Doctor centred’

I like the hospital, Milano is the big city like the architecture and modernization, visit Italian mountain (beautiful lake), visit see sight, Genova port. Food is unusual, language problem a lots. Only one question in my mind is ‘How would be the life of Europe without electricity? If electricity (power) is the key for development or modernization, we have many possibilities to generate the electricity (power), why don’t we focus on hydropower and open the door for development.

Finally, this visit will  help me to think widely and help me to improve  my clinical skill and management skill and apply it in rural Nepal.  Thank you DFN family for your continue support to rural Nepal.

Dr Lalit Jung Shahi