Dr Lalit carries out emergency caesarian section via torchlight

Dr Lalit has just started a new job working as a doctor at Rukum District Hospital as part of the Government’s comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care programme. He has made front-page news across Nepal, because, a few days ago, he carried out an emergency lower segment caesarian section with very limited resources.

During the operation the electricity cut out – a common occurrence in hospitals in the remote regions of Nepal – and Lalit had to continue the operation via torches held by members of his operating team.



Lalit says: “It was the first caesarian section that I’ve carried out in the past 8 months under such limited resources! I would like to thank my operating team, the district health officer, public health nurse, hospital staff and leaders for all your kind support. Thank you all.”

AMAZING WORK Lalit, not only to carry out such a dangerous operation with sporadic electricity and via torchlight, but, most importantly, you delivered the baby safely with both mother and child doing very well.

BRAVO LALIT – we are very proud of you!