Dr Lalit helps in aftermath of earthquake 

We are proud to report that Dr Lalit (our first doctor) has been recruited by MSF (Doctors Without Borders) to work in areas worst hit by the recent earthquake. Through the tragedy, we are optimistic that our vision to train students to work in these difficult conditions really does work. Having a doctor who is able to speak Nepali language, and be instantly available during local disasters empowers the Nepalese to rebuild their future.

Lalit is currently doing a “heli-clinic” – flying to areas that are currently in accessible by road or foot.

Our other students at Patan academy report that they have been working around the clock to see the enormous influx of cases in Kathmandu.

If you have not yet managed to make a donation, we cannot emphasise enough that this is just the beginning of an enormous process of rebuilding in Nepal. Please do consider donating https://www.justgiving.com/TheNepalAppeal/