Dr. Lalit Returns From Rural Hospital Visits

DFN consultant Dr. Lalit recently returned from a successful trip to Jumla, Mugu, and Manma, three of the rural locations that DFN serves.

The primary goal of Dr. Lalit’s visit was to ensure that the equipment donated through last year’s equipment appeal was being used effectively and that all relevant staff were trained as necessary. Dr. Lalit checked on the CTG machines and ECG machines that had reached the destinations earlier in the year, and offered his services for ongoing training and support in interpreting results.

The trip was also an opportunity for Dr. Lalit to meet with the Deans of Karnali Academy to discuss DFN’s partnership with the school, and to meet with the DFN nursing and midwifery students who will soon be finishing their courses and entering the world of work. Dr. Lalit reports that the young women are studying hard for their final exams and are feeling positive and excited to serve the communities as fully qualified health professionals.

In addition to his meetings with Karnali Academy, Dr. Lalit also held meetings with some other key partners, including a representative from Oda Foundation. He also caught up with DFN Doctor Meena, in a visit that coincided with her birthday!

A fruitful trip overall – thank you to Dr. Lalit for his work as an ambassador for DFN.