Nahakul saves young boy’s tongue

A 5-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after cutting his tongue while bathing in a stony river. The boy fell out of a tree and bit his tongue which was almost completely severed. 

His father took him on the back of his motorbike, on a 7-hour journey to the nearest hospital, along treacherous mountainous roads. People in remote Nepal sometimes have to walk for up to 9 days to reach their nearest hospital, and then it’s not guaranteed that a doctor will be there to help them.

Nahakul works at Manma District Hospital in Kalikot and successfully sewed the boy’s tongue back together – he is now fully recovered. Despite the lack of facilities at the hospital, there are very few cases that it can’t handle. Only when a patient presents very late to his hospital does Nahakul send them on to a better equipped District hospital.

Bravo Nahakul – we are proud of the work that you are doing in one of the remotest regions of Nepal.