Exam results from our medical students

We are delighted to announce that all our medical students have done extremely well in their recent exams with some excellent results.  Congratulations to them all on their continued hard work and success as they aim to become the next Doctors for Nepal.

Apsara has passed her second year internal exam and is currently on a well earned break before starting her third year in September.

Prakash has passed his first clinical exam in his third year and is about to complete his clinical year.  He has one more exam when he has finished his four week community posting.

Kamal is busy preparing for his final 2nd year exams and has an excellent integrated result for the whole year.

Dhanendra has finally managed to pass his Introductory Block Exam with good grades, which means he can proceed to his first year of study.  He is now feeling more confident with his written English and says:  ” I have experienced lots of good moments and hardships throughout the past year and I am thankful for your support and encouragement. I would like to assure you that I’m going to maintain my hard-work and dedication in the same consistent manner. I would like to thank my donors for supporting my education.”

Jeevan has passed his Introductory Block Exam with good grades so he too will be able to start his first year of study.  Like the other students he is enjoying a well-deserved break before recommencing his studies.

Purna has passed his first year exams with great results.  He is hoping to go back to his village for a short two-week holiday.  He says: “This is the season of paddy planting in Nepal.  In my village all are busy on that.  I am planning to go home or somewhere else to spend my holidays. But in Nepal there are more landslides and soil erosion in the road that blocks the normal transportation. So it might be challenge.”