Exam Success!

Many of our students have just finished exams or are in the process of taking them. Studying for exams can be stressful at the best of times, but many of our students have also reported overcoming hurdles specific to Nepal such as lack of space to study, noise, problems with computers and equipment and connectivity issues. Having also emerged from several months of disruption to their normal routines due to the Covid-19 pandemic, studying has certainly been a challenge. Despite this, we’re pleased to report that as results begin to be published, we have received positive news from our scholars!

Congratulations to hardworking medical student, Santosh, who has passed his board exams with flying colours! He’s now off on a rural posting as part of his final year studies.

Nursing student Neelam has also aced her final year assessments for her nursing course at Patan Academy. We are so proud of her reaching her goal of becoming a registered nurse and wish her the best of luck in her license exam!

Thank you Neelam for sharing this video of the quiet study space that you managed to find!

The very best of luck to all of our scholars taking exams at the moment!