From Delivering New Life to Educating Communities: Nurse Satya Shows Her Dedication in Rural Bajura

Our committed qualified nurse Satya has been showing incredible dedication during her DFN-funded internship with Phase Nepal, where she has been consulting and treating patients at their health post in remote Bajura, educating children and adults and delivering babies.

Satya recently told us of an outdoor delivery that she attended in the middle of the night. The mother was far away from her village and went into labour at midnight. Satya and her colleague reached her at 1am, delivered the baby safely and returned her to the health post by stretcher, where she and her new child could receive complete care.

Satya Delivering a baby in remote Bichhya, Bajura

She has also been busy giving health education in schools to the children of the local villages, teaching hygiene and other vital practices and conducting a health awareness programme for the women of Bichhya (pictured above).

Satya educating the local children

This is really inspiring work, which reflects exactly what DFN is about – well done Satya!