Make a difference to healthcare in rural Nepal

WHAT are we asking for?

We are currently seeking donations specifically to help our first graduated doctor Lalit begin postgraduate training, to refine his skills and knowledge enough to make a real difference to the healthcare of villagers in rural Nepal. We are looking to raise at least £4,000 between 11 –29 September 2017 as part of the Global Giving Accelerator crowdfunding campaign.

WHY does Lalit need your help?

Lalit is an excellent doctor committed to rural healthcare, himself coming from an impoverished background, but he needs more training. With few hospitals in the remotest part of the country, 90% of rural hospitals in Nepal have no consultant doctors. People living in these inaccessible regions deserve the same healthcare as those in cities and will benefit hugely from being able to access healthcare in their villages rather than walking 9 days to the nearest health post. Lalit needs postgraduate medical training to bring about change, but with doctors’ pay in Nepal lowest amongst Asian countries, and a three-year postgraduate medical course costing £40,000, he cannot afford further training without OUR help. His education could save thousands of lives.

DONATE 11th–29th September 2017 CLICK:

If we raise at least £4,000 from 40 separate donors during the Global Giving Accelerator, we will be eligible to become a permanent partner allowing us to access a vast amount of potential donors worldwide via Global Giving’s website, newsletters and press releases. Please go to to make a donation.

19th September is BONUS DAY – donations made online, between £20-£400, can be matched by Global Giving at 20%. For further information, please visit or email

To make a general donation to Doctors for Nepal, please visit to make a one-off donation or to take out a standing order, to help medical and nursing students in rural Nepal.