Kamal starts at Gorkha District Hospital

Kamal and Apsara, our 4th year students, have just finished their end of year exams and are now working in 2 different rural hospitals for the next 5 months, before returning to Patan Hospital in Kathmandu where they will work for another 5 months.  Apsara is at Amppipal Hospital in Gorka District and Kamal is an hour away at Gorkha District Hospital.  He is working in the Accident and Emergency Department and has already been involved in some interesting cases.

“Today we corrected a shoulder dislocation on a male patient.  That awesome moment when you do a manoeuvre and literally bring a dislocated arm back to where it belongs!  Then there’s no-one in emergency room.  But then a pregnant lady needs help.  We take her for an emergency lower segment Caesarian section.”  Kamal Hamel









“Waste from ANC at Gorkha.  So much waste at what cost?  The cost of life.  At the end of the day, all the hospital medical staff played a game of football!”