Lalit Featured in the News for Recent Work at Health Camp

Lalit has participated in a health camp near Surkhet, Karnali Province, around three to four hours outside of the city. 

Health camps are organised as a way to help poorer communities and individuals access healthcare and can often encourage people to seek the medical care and advice they need in the knowledge that it will be free of charge. This camp was specialising in women’s health and was organised by a specialist group in Surkhet.

Lalit was responsible for giving the women general health checks, conducting ultrasounds and educating participants on key areas of their health. This is important work in this area, where many women still have little or no access to information about their bodies, relevant medical conditions and family planning. 

Use of ultrasounds in the more remote areas is a new concept, and Lalit and the team were able to make use of recently ordered small, portable machines that can be transported and used more easily outside of the hospital setting. This is key progress considering many patients may live days away from the nearest hospital and have no access to transport.

This novel use of equipment garnered the attention of the press and it was featured in both an article and in a video news broadcast. The article pictured above (in Nepalese) outlines the work of the camp, the details of the machines and highlights how their use could improve healthcare in the rural areas. The video below (in Nepalese) shows Lalit in action and the grateful community members.

The camp even inspired the attention of the Minister of Health, who attended and was extremely impressed with the machines, the successful approaches he saw and the setup of the camp.

Amazing work from Lalit and his colleagues!