Lalits home

It was a complete honour to be able to spend some time with Lalits family in his mountainside village. We walked for 2 days over incredibly steep terrain, even through snowfields, and arrived in the dark. After an beautiful drumming welcome, we were given the a meal of Dahl baht (Dahl and rice). This is eaten twice a day by almost all Nepalese (and us, as there simply is nothing else to eat). We slept in a small room in a traditional house, where all cooking is over an open fire in the main room.

The next day we visited the health post, and Lalit saw some patients who were asking for him. Still being 6 hours of walk (we would describe it as climbing..)to the nearest doctor, his visit to his village was received with open arms. It was incredibly sad to see patients who were simply too ill to contemplate the journey to a hospital. Others couldn’t afford the medications, and therefore would not consider even starting the journey.

It was lovely to spend some time with Lalits mother, who seems to proud of his achievements. When we visited the school, we found it to have literally no furniture in some rooms, and no teaching materials what-so-ever. It is almost impossible to see how anyone could get through school, let alone make the amazing progress that Lalit has.



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