News from our doctors and medical students

News from our Doctors

Our newest DFN doctors, Meena and Nahakul, are both currently working as interns in Patan Hospital, Kathmandu.  On our recent Trustees visit to Nepal it was very rewarding to see them finally working as newly qualified doctors in the hospital – we are extremely proud of all their achievements. Both will soon be heading out into rural Nepal to take up work placements.

Dr Nahakul Shahi

Dr Meena Kafle Chaulagain at work

“I’m really looking forward to going back to my village and working there as a doctor. 6 years ago I was just a boy who had many dreams like others, but he couldn’t help people in the way he wanted to. After having completed my training here at Patan Hospital, I can now help people in the way I wanted to help them. Now I can go back to my people, know them very well and also help them in the way I want to.”  Nahakul
“We have to work very hard. There is a lot of paper work as well. We have to take the history, examinations and all the paperwork like admissions. I like being a doctor.”  Meena


Dr Lalit Shahi examines a child

Lalit is currently working in a remote hospital in the rural east of Nepal. He is keen to expand his knowledge and skills as a doctor, so he is desperate to gain entry into postgraduate training. He faces a real uphill challenge to win one of the very few government-funded postgraduate places available at Patan Hospital.  Postgraduate training is hugely over-subscribed in Nepal, and in most institutions the fees must be privately funded (and are extortionately expensive – around £30,000), so Lalit is hoping that he can win a rare government funded place, or he will be left needing to raise the money to self-fund. With YOUR HELP we may be able to sponsor Lalit’s further education.  It will hugely benefit healthcare in rural Nepal as we would expect Lalit to remain working as a doctor in Nepal for a further 5 years.  The additional expertise and leadership skills he will gain will take his practice to a much higher level. If you are interested in helping Lalit personally – please contact us on stating your interest. Thank you.

News from our medical students.

It’s exam season!
Dhanendra is currently in the middle of re-taking his first year exams and we are very pleased with his perseverance to master the English language which has been holding him back. “Well, my exam preparation is going well. I have passed two of the formative exams with good marks and final summative exam is on the way after two weeks. I am working hard for the preparation.” 

Dhanendra (middle) with fellow students

Jeevan is also in the middle of his first year exams, and is excelling with his love of sport as well as his medical studies. “Recently, I’ve had my internal examination result and it was good . . . The final examination for the  introductory block is going to start on June 19, so, I have been preparing for it and taking time out with my friends.” 

Prakash is doing really well with his exams.  All our students work extremely hard in exam season and their hard work is paying off. I’m about to complete my 1st clinical year, so I have to face two exams (one formative this coming Sunday and final exam after 4 weeks community posting) back to back. I have passed my first clinical formative exam with good marks.”