Latest news from Santosh, Purna and Dhanendra

All our medical students are hard at work, but here’s our most recent news from three of them – Purna, Dhanendra and Santosh:

Santosh studying hard

SANTOSH has been studying at PAHS now for the past four months during which time he’s completed the first part of his foundation block and his study of principal human biology. For the next four weeks he is out in the community learning about the responsibilities that community health volunteers have, in particular in regards to women’s health and contraception. Santosh is extremely grateful for the support Doctors for Nepal has given him by providing him with a laptop and accommodation. “The accommodation and laptop provided by you to me has played a vital role in my education. Since our learning topics are sent through email to us, we need to spend a lot of hours on the laptop and every Friday I need to make presentation. This is a typical day at PAHS classes run from the 7:00 am morning to 4:00 pm evening. There are lectures, problem based learning (PBL), Lab and self-study hour. During self-study I go to the library to read books. Finally I would like to thank, from the core of heart, to DFN for giving me the platform to show my ability and capacity in front of others.” Santosh

PURNA has just sent through this lovely email:

Purna treats a patient

“My result of CBSE (comprehensive basic science examination) has been published. I passed it successfully with good marks. Basic science itself is the toughest exam. Now my clinical science block has started. In my village my whole family are well including my Mum and Dad, and it’s paddy planting time so everyone is busy with that. Now there my hospital posting is starting means I will be exposed to a clinical setting. I am so happy to get these opportunities to treat patients. Thank you so much for your kind support in fulfilling my dream! Thank you my next family!!” Purna




Dhanendra treats a young boy

DHANENDRA finished his second residential Health Post placement in Makwanpur district in June. He was tasked with carrying out community based learning and education at Makwanpur Gadhi health post where he was assessing the overall health services on offer to patients at a rural health post. He was able to collect data from the resident managers on the limited facilities available and also found out more about the day-to-day challenges his patients face. He concluded that the health post was playing a vital role in maintaining the rural community’s health. It’s interesting to note that despite Dhanendra also coming from a rural community, his village is in the far-west of Nepal, he has experienced a big difference in the culture and food habits of the people living in Makwanpur district. He has leant many new communication skills, which have enabled him to communicate better with his patients, but above all he’s gained more experience in being totally self-motivated in a difficult environment.