Meet our new medical student Sangita

We are very pleased to announce that we have just started providing funds to cover board, lodging, and travel to Sangita Adhikari, so that she can continue her 1st year medical studies at Patan Academy of Health Sciences.

Before Sangita’s plight came to our attention, she was living a 2 hour bus ride away from PAHS making it 4 hours travelling every day to get to the medical school.

Sangita is on a full scholarship from the Nepal Government which covers all her tuition fees, but she has no other financial help. Her 4 hours of travel to and from PAHS was becoming untenable. This is where DFN has stepped in – we are providing Sangita with a partial scholarship so that she can live in the student hostel at PAHS, purchase a laptop (essential for completing her assignments), buy anatomy books that are needed for her course etc. She is eternally grateful to DFN as now she can concentrate on her studies to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. Welcome dear Sangita to the DFN family.