NEWS From Dr.Lalit

Dear Sponsors,
I am well, and doing my internship at Nepalgunj Medical College, (Western Nepal). First of all , I would like to say thank you all who initiated and established DFN with your BIG Heart, very hard work and continuous kind support to the charity, without which it was impossible for me be here as a doctor.
I would like to remind you of my life before 6 years ago;  I was a health assistant working with an international charity (Medecines Sans Frontiers) in Kalikot Hospita (rural area of far western Nepal).  I used to dream of becoming a doctor.  I was sure that it was a dream only,  because of my very poor economic background and the very high cost for MBBS (medical) course (around 2.5 million Rupees – £30,000+). Working with the humanitarian organization in my own community,  I had fixed my future goal to work for a rural cummunity like Kalikot.  I was fully convinced and felt responsible towards my community.  At the same time, I met Dr. Kate Yarrow.  We worked together for a fews months. Fortunately, she understood the need for doctors in these isolated areas of Nepal.  She initiated this charity (DFN) to support my MBBS studies.  So, at this time, I would like to express my gratitude to her.
Now, I am a intern doctor. I will finished my course in August 2013. I feel very happy making my dream into reality, and more responsible towards my community where I will work after August . As I know that I have to work in a rural setting where imaging techniques (USS ,X-Ray, CT-scan etc) and Lab investigations are unavailable,  I am trying to learn more clinically during my internship to improve my knowledge of diagnosis and treatments. The internship period is very important time to make our practical knowledge strong, so I am doing much hard work during this time.
Dear Sponsors, I want  to change and upgrade the existing health status of rural communities. There is no doubt that I will work for our (DFN) interest and goals in the future.  At the same time, I would like to request you all for continuous donations to DFN which will support and help to produce more doctors from different rural areas;  poor and neglected communities where your support will be vital.
Thank you very much to all my sponsors, I promise I will feel you proud. I would love to see you all and say thank you individually….hope to see you soon…
Dr.Lalit Jung Shahi
Kathmandu University