The positive impact of training doctors for rural Nepal: Dr Lalit’s work



Lalit’s news: January 2017:

“First, I would like to wish a ‘Merry Christmas’ and Happy New year 2017 to all my English family and friends.

Here is news about my activities in the remote Eastern mountainous District Hospital, Sankhuwashava, Near Mount Makalu (5th highest Peak of the world). I joined my new posting with the Nick Simons Institute on 1st December 2016. I am involved in the Delivery rooms, Operating theatres, the Outpatient department, the Emergency department and Inpatient department.At the moment there reduced patient flow because of the very cold weather; people do not want to leave their houses, also there are less communicable diseases during winter.

On average we see the following at this hospital:
Outpatient Department = 50-60 patients per day = 15,00 patient per month.
Emergency Department = (per day)  2-3 fractures , 1- 2 incisions and drainage (abscess) , 2-3 minor surgery’s.

Emergency lower segment caesarean sections (LSCS) = In December = I assisted 9 and did 5 solo emergency LSCS.
Inpatients = There are 25 beds in the ward, with 50% occupancy rate at the moment.  Day to day we do morning and evening rounds with all the other doctors.
Comprehensive Abortion Care = Undertake around 100 per month.

This areas struggles with low levels of use of family planning (Contraception Prevalence Rate =39%).


Continuing Medical Education (CME) = I was also involved in teaching learning activities every Friday with all doctors, staff, students.

Ultrasound = I have had training in emergency obstetric and ultrasonography obstetric screening whilst I was in Italy, which is very helpful in the district hospital, where we have to diagnosis emergency or complicated pregnancies in time and decide whether to apply emergency surgery or refer in time.

I am enjoying working in the remote district of Nepal. This is my 4th year of work after my graduation and I will finish my 4th year of my sponsorship with DFN next year. I will continue serving the needy, poor people of my rural community in future, which is the main goal of DFN. I would hope that all the DFN MBBS graduates will follow me in future.
Thank you for your love and support. “Happy New Year 2017” again.
With best regards
Dr Lalit Jung Shahi