News from medical student Santosh

Santosh recently received the results for his latest 1st Year exam – we are pleased to announce that he passed with flying colours, gaining marks in the top percentage in all categories.  WELL DONE SANTOSH.  He and his classmates were then sent out into the community to a local medical post where Santosh interviewed a number of patients, doctors and nurses.  He also volunteered at a local school, helping to teach the children Maths.  He is now back at his medical school working hard – here’s Santosh’s own account of his experiences:

“The most important thing is that I  passed my exam with good marks. After my exam we were posted to health post to know about the health condition in Nepal, where we conducted interviews with different people. I got lots of chance to interview with great people. Now I have entered in respiratory block  which runs for 5 weeks, then I will enter in cardiovascular block and the combine exam of this two block takes place.”