Our students live in fear – an account of life in an earthquake zone, by Prakash

Written by Prakash: 2nd year DFN student:

Namaste !!!   I’m safe up until now but the fear of earthquakes are still in my mind. The first earthquake was in 25th April at near 12:00 noon. That was 7.9 on the richter scale, and vibrated for more than a minute. That day was Saturday (holiday), so I was in my hostel room and all the offices and the most of the shops were closed. I was preparing for my upcoming exams. Suddenly, I felt my chair and reading table start to move, and there were sharp creaks from the walls and windows. Most people started to cry and run towards open places. My heart started racing, and I felt  out of control; so I ran outside my room – but the ground hadn’t stopped moving, but it was in-fact moving more vigorously.  I looked at the faces of my friends, and all were terrified.  At that moment we had no idea about what to do and where to go, but there was only one question, which was of how to save our own lives.

I tried to cal my brother, as well as my parents, relatives and friend,  but there was no phone network, no electricity, and no internet available.
After few minutes, ambulance sirens pieced the air continuously and we ran towards hospital. There were lots of patients were being taken by police vans, ambulances, public and private transport, and lots people were gathered.  We helped to take the patients inside the hospital where there were different locations for different kind of patients – according to severity level.  Most cases were traumatic; some were unconscious,  some were severely affected, and some had no pulse.  But the aftershocks kept striking one after another very dangerously. We staff and students Patan Hospital, along with other local volunteers and the armed force helped continuously with the patients for 3 days. We sleep in our Basic Science building now, which is deemed more safe than our hostel.

There has been loads of damage in Sindhupalchowk, Gorakha and Kathmandu valley.  Sindhupalchowk is the most damaged area;  affected families are still sleeping below the open sky without sufficient food and water. The rain is also worsening the situation.
After a week, the lifestyle was improving day by day but there were still some aftershocks. Our college also resumed. But last Tuesday while I was in my classroom again a  7.3 richter quake arrived.   Nowdays, we have only one question when will everything become ok?  All the affected people need tents for temporary shelter and food and water to survive. The rainy season will start by next month and if there are no tents then the conditions will be very bad.  There are incredibly high chances of epidemic outbreaks.
Thank you very much for your great support toward us as well as towards all the Nepalese who are affected in this earthquake.  Nepal is still hoping for your continuous support. I am searching for many helpful hearts just like yours.
Sincerely,Prakash ThakullaKtm., Nepal


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