Age: 23
Home: Gorkha district
Background: Father – Retired technician, Mother – housewife, 4 siblings.
Previous employment: 6 years in remote areas as axillary nurse midwife (ANM) for PHASE Nepal.
Current: working as qualified nurse for PHASE in Humla.

January 2020
Congratulations to Apsara who has now graduated as a fully qualified nurse. She has taken up a nursing post for PHASE in Humla, Karnali. Good luck with your new job Apsara!

September 2019
Apsara continues to work and study hard and has just gone into her final year of her nursing studies.  Keep up the good work Apsara!

May 2018

Namaste! I would you like to express again my cordial thanks to PHASE Nepal and DFN for the generous scholarship provided m now my study ongoing 2nd year (PCL nursing). In this year, we have to study 8 subjects and we exposed to different hospital as each subjects, like eye hospital, children hospital, geriatric home, medical surgical mainly for pre-operative and post operative care, ENT, MCH Clinic and mental hospital. There I got great opportunity to learn different new procedure and handle different cases. Then really broaden my knowledge and skills to handle and management at various health problems, making nursing diagnosis and provide nursing care as well as provide to health and education for promotion health.

Firstly I observed and can performed different procedures like IV cannulisation, catheterisation, tube insertion, ECG monitor cardiac monitor, immunisation maternal and child healthcare, physical examination, history taking, mental status examination, different case studies and presentation.  Apsara Jirel (PCL Nursing 2nd year, Nepal Institute of Health Science, Jorpati, Kathmandu)


“I am enthusiastic to study nursing because we can contribute to the community from my corner. Now I am studying I don’t have a job, so it is difficult to manage food and lodging, I am also finding it difficult to study in English language!” (through translator)

Apsara L Binita R








Apsara, June 2018