Progress: 3rd year medical student PAHS
Location of origin: Kalicot District, Western Nepal
Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
Siblings: 1 younger sister

Latest News

September 2022

Dhanendra has passed his CBSE exam and will start his 3rd year clinical posting this month – we’re really pleased for him and impressed with his dedication to work towards his dream, despite encountering personal challenges along the way.

‘I am ready to continue my MBBS 3rd year Journey from Sunday onwards with new energy and  aspirations for the future. I realized that my major journey has just begun and I feel highly inspired to overcome the challenges along the way of being a better doctor.’ – Dhanendra

June 2018

‘I have just finished my 2nd residential posting of Health post level in rural municipality of Makwanpur district. Finally posting has ended with report writing. I would like to share my reflection, photographs along with the report.

Me along with my other four friends got an opportunity to carry out Community Based Learning and Education in MakwanpurGadhi rural municipality ward no. 2 Shikharkateri  Makwanpur District at  MakwanpurGadhi health post with the major objectives to assess overall health status and determinants including existing health services at health post level. We were given opportunity to understand and feel the rural health settings of the community in this HP level posting.

We visited to the HP daily for learning the health system of that VDC. The health staffs were so friendly and supportive. They provided us the Health Management Information System (HMIS) form 1.1, 1.3 and 9.3 for our data collection. The HP In-charge was also co-operative. We took Key Informant Interview (KII) with him. He shared his thoughts and ideas about the health status and facilities in the community. We also took KII with the ward chairperson, from which we came to know about the general life-settings of the community people which was very helpful for our study. We spent most of our time with the HP staffs and community people. We did rapport building and learned more communication skills from this posting. All the day’s CBLE study in the community and night’s data recoding was also a part of our posting that made it enjoyable and beneficial. We were happy to know that the health post was playing a vital role for maintaining the health status of the community better as much as possible.

From this posting, I had a great experience about the lifestyle, socio-culture practices of people staying in the community. Though, I am from a village of far-west of this country, I found big difference in the socio culture practices and food habits of the people living in far-west village and village where I was posted. I learned about the physical and socio-economic settings in the community and its relation with health, team work and leadership quality, rapport building and communication skills, proper time-management and roles HP towards the health system. As education can’t be fully obtained from the lectures only, field study and research also is a vital part of knowledge enhancing. So throughout our field study, we also learned to cope with the situation as we were posted to the field with no idea of the surroundings. In my view, doctors are also those major professions who should be well-taught to be well-talked. So talking with the local people with manners had also taught us the communication skills which is an effective outcome of this posting. So this CBLE posting has been a great source of my knowledge, education and skill building. Perhaps, the greatest joy is learning how to motivate your-self. We enjoyed this CBLE, learned a lot and motivated self from the community. The way they seem happy with what they have rather than what they have not is a major source of inspiration for me. And, I hope in the days to come, Government of Nepal would look after these developing VDCs providing them sufficient commodities and facilities in every sectors including health.’



‘Initially, I want to thank you from the core of my heart for selecting me. In upcoming days I will try my best for proving that you had a fair selection.

It has been more than one month that I’m studying at PAHS. During these many days, I have cooperated with my new friends at PAHS. I’m very frank and friendly with my friends. Seniors, and teachers have been praising me due to my good tasks and hard work as well. I have by promise to keep it up in days to come. I have actively participated in my first slum posting at Balkhu “Jagarantole”.Faculty members and my friends praised me. I am very thankful to them. By the way I also got an opportunity to meet, Dr. LALIT JUNGSHAHI, the representive of DFN from Nepal. We had a good discussion and hi tea. It was really remarkable moment of my life. Finally, I again want to thank you for selecting me on this scholarship scheme.

My study is going well. I’m working hard to get success . I just returned from my home after DASHAIN and TIHAR vacation. I am extremely sorry that i couldn’t remain in touch with you because there wasn’t internet facility at my home. I’m now feeling good to write these few words. Apart from my study i ‘m active in Student’s society of PAHS as well. I am reading different English novels as well so as to improve my English. Days in PAHS are going well. The whole credit goes to DFN team. I am so proud and blessed to be its member/student.

Here are some photos reflecting my life and difficulties in village. That’s all. Thank you!!’