Age: 19

Progress: Second year medical student at KAHS

Location of origin: Bannigadhi, Achham

Parents occupation: Dhruba’s mother is a farmer and housewife. His father sadly passed away due to Covid-19.

Siblings: One sister

Dhruba joined us in August 2023. He had already started his medical studies at KAHS, Jumla and needed financial help in order to continue. Due to the poor economic situation of his family, and the recent passing of his father during the pandemic, his college fees would have been beyond reach for him, so DFN are delighted that we are able to support him continue working towards his goal.

‘I am the only MBBS student who is studying MBBS from my community and my big dream is to provide quality health services to the peoples of my community where people used to die due to minor health problems.

I find Doctors For Nepal is the best organization which can address my problems and can utilize my medical skills and knowledge after my MBBS graduation.’  – Dhruba