Age: 16
Home:  Tila, 4 , Shapully, Jumla
Background: Father owns clothes shop and Mother – housewife. Oldest of 3 siblings – 2 younger brothers
Previous employment: School student
Current: Qualified PCL Nursing August 2023, will go on to work her two-year bond in a rural area.

Niruta was our 7th nursing student to be welcomed into the Doctors for Nepal family.  We awarded Niruta a full scholarship to study nursing at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) and she successfully completed her study in August 2023.

August 2023

Niruta passed her final year and her license exams and is now nurse! She has worked very hard over the last three years and this is an amazing achievement! She will now look to gain employment in a rural area so she can start her journey as a fully qualified practitioner serving remote communities in Nepal.

November 2020

Due to Covid-19 Niruta has not been able to study at KAHS for the past 8 months as the college is closed.  However, she has tried her best to keep studying from home.  The wi-fi signal is very poor in the remote areas of Nepal, so it’s been very hard for her to access any online teaching.

Here is a short videos that Niruta has made from Jumla outside her college:

Nitura with her father

Niruta with her mother and brothers

Niruta’s house

Niruta’s village