Age: 24
Home:  Kanaka Sundari, 1, Jumla
Background: Father and mother are farmers. Middle of 2 siblings – 1 younger brother and 1 older brother
Previous employment: 
Current: Qualified as a midwife in 2023, having studied at  KAHS Jumla Nursing College. Currently looking for he first job role as a fully qualified midwife.

We were pleased to welcome Parbati into the Doctors for Nepal family, as one of our first  midwifery degree students.  It is the first time that a midwifery degree course has been set up in Nepal, in conjunction with Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS). We awarded Parbati a full scholarship to study midwifery at degree level at KAHS.  She started her 1st year of study at KAHS Jumla Nursing College in November 2019 and finished her training in summer 2023 (her three year course was extended by 6 months during the pandemic).

Parbati’s parents

Parbati’s village