Age: 18

Progress: First year medical student at KAHS

Location of origin: Mahawai oda, Kalikot

Parents occupation: Father is a social worker and mother is a housewife.

Siblings: One brother and one sister

Pramish joined us in August 2023, when he started his medical studies at KAHS, Jumla. After completing his studies, he will return to his home community to work as a doctor at Oda Foundation.

‘Growing up in a remote and geographically disadvantaged area of Kalikot District, Karnali Province, I have seen the struggles that our people face due to the lack of access to quality healthcare.

In such places, curable diseases claim lives prematurely, and the financially well-off do not venture out to serve in these areas after completing their medical education. As someone who has witnessed the pain and suffering of my people, I am determined to make a positive impact on the quality of health education and healthcare services in my community.

I aspire to be a doctor who can bring about change in the education sector and improve the quality of healthcare in my community. By doing so, I hope to contribute towards creating a healthier and happier society. I firmly believe that with your support and guidance, I can become a spark of change in my community.’ – Pramish