Age: 20
Home:  Attariya, Kailali
Background: Father is ill and unable to work, mother is a house maid.  Second of  3 siblings – 1 older brother and 2 younger brothers
Previous employment: Nursing internship with Phase, until March 2023

Current: Working as a nurse at Oda Foundation, Kalikot

Satya was already studying at KAHS when her father became very ill and she was unable to continue her studies without extra financial support.  DFN has funded her outstanding board and lodging and “additional” fees from 1st and 2nd year, plus the remaining board and lodging and “additional” fees for her 3rd and final year.  She finished her training in 2022, and commenced an internship with PHASE. In May 2023, she started her current role at Oda Foundation in Kalikot.