Postgraduate Education: More DFN Doctors Take the Next Step

With many of our qualified doctors having now completed their two-year bonded period in remote areas, following being awarded their MBBS degrees and completing their mandatory internships, we’re pleased that some of them are now ready to prepare for their postgraduate or MD/MS qualification. This will allow them to become specialists in their chosen area of medicine and bring even more expertise to rural Nepal.

The MD qualification in Nepal takes around three years and involves a challenging entrance exam, that our doctors spend many hours preparing for. On completion of their study, they will move on from being at the equivalent level of junior doctors towards consultant level.

DFN doctor Nahakul has just taken his entrance exam, which he had been studying for for several months. He hopes to go on to do his postgraduate study in the area of surgery. Dr. Meena, who is currently working in Mugu district also has plans to apply this year, along with Dr. Prakash, currently working in Doti district, and Dr. Apsara, who has expressed plans to apply after her bonded period finishes. These Doctors will join our first consultant, Dr. Lalit, who completed his postgraduate study and has gone on to hold a senior position in Karnali province.

DFN are passionate about upskilling our existing doctors and ensuring they continue on the path to providing a comprehensive health system in the communities they serve, so we are thrilled to be able to fund onward education for our eligible doctors, thanks to the ongoing help of our supporters!