Preparing for the upcoming trip to Nepal..

Plans are heavily underway for Dr Kate Yarrow (Founder and chairman of Doctors For Nepal) to visit the remote district of Kalikot, along with Gareth Taylor (or Taylor-Made Media).

The party will be leaving for Nepal this Thursday, and will be journeying to one of the worlds most isolated areas by foot. They are hoping to film the experiences of patients trying to access healthcare, and will be following their stories as they unfold. They will also follow the work of DFN’s first doctor – Lalit, as he goes about his gruelling daily work high up in the Himalayas. Kate will also undertake Family Planning teaching to local health-workers, with the aim of eventually reducing maternal and infant mortality through improved knowledge and access to family planning methods.

Please do follow the journey with this daily blog, and invite your friends to follow too. You can follow the story as it unfolds, of the daily challenges and that patents experience, and hopefully, of the benefits that patients gain through the works of doctors such as Lalit. Watch this space!