STORY MEDICINE – a live streamed storytelling event

On 20th February 2021, the renowned storyteller Ashley Ramsden and classical guitarist Ariel Gragnani, generously gave their time for free to enable us to live stream STORY MEDICINE – stories on the theme of facing fear, and how to cope in a time of crisis.  Click on video below to watch the whole event – enjoy!

Here is a list of all the stories and music that Ashley and Ariel performed:

Ashley would like to acknowledge and thank the following storytellers and sources for this selection of stories:

Frame story: Oral Tradition with a saying from the Hopi people
“Those who tell stories rule the world“  

The Giant called…. oral tradition which you can find in The Storyteller’s Way 
~ A Sourcebook for inspired storytelling ~ by Ashley Ramsden and Sue .Hollingsworth    

The Curing Fox ( originally Cree ) retold by Hugh Lupton, Barefoot Books

Two Stories by Rumi 
The Doctors Advice
Chickpea to Cook ( a parable) version Coleman Barks: The Essential Rumi. HarperCollins

The Buddha’s Tooth adapted from a version by Georgiana Keable. 
For other tales, see her fabulous book  ‘The Natural Storyteller’

The Worst Poison from Solomon and other Jewish Folktales by Sheldon Oberman

You Never Know: a legend of the Lamed-Vavniks by Francine Prose

Ariel performed the following works for solo guitar:

– Milonga (Jorge Cardoso)
– Capricho Árabe (Francisco Tárrega)
– Vincent – Starry, Starry Night (Don McLean / arr. Chet Atkins)