Two new doctors for Nepal – exam success.

We are extremely excited, happy and proud to announce that Nahakul and Meena have passed their final year exams, which means that we have now successfully sponsored the training of 3 doctors for Nepal. Enormous thanks to all who supported them for the past five years. We wish them both every success as they start their work as doctors in their communities in rural Nepal.

“As soon as I came to know the result emotions began to pour out. Images began to flash in front of my eyes from how I started, to have come from such family and place and to have met you and then to have gone through the journey to becoming a doctor. This success would not be possible without you and DFN family who helped and supported me to pursue and realise my dream of becoming a doctor. No words can suffice how thankful I am to you. You have been my real inspiration. I truly admire your passion and dedication for the charity. Your endless support and persistent encouragement is what pushed me through. I also owe my success to all the generous donors who trusted our charity in the effort to make a small difference in Health. Please do extend my gratitude to Chris and Anne as well for all the love and support. My family is ecstatic to know that I passed. They are extremely proud and wanted me to extend their gratitude to you and the DFN family. They expect me to go back to Kalikot and work there as soon as possible. Though this is just a step further I understand the responsibility that comes with it and the societal exceptions that I have to meet. I once again like to thank you from the core of my heart for making me able to pursue my dream.” Nahakul

Today I have great news; I passed the final year exam 😀😀😀 with good marks. I am so happy and thanks to every one who are supporting me as directly and indirectly during this period.  Yours sincerely, Meena”

Huge congratulations to Meena and Nahakul for becoming DOCTORS FOR NEPAL.