Update from students and doctor in Nepal

There is some good news from 4 months after the enormous earthquakes that rocked Nepal. Dr Lalit has secured a one year training contract with the Nick Simmons Institute (Nepal);  an NGO dedicated to further the postgraduate training for health workers in rural Nepal. He is currently enjoying his 70 days of training to do Caesarian sections, and complex deliveries – and will then go back to doing his vital work in a rural area.

Meena and Nahakul have just sat their 4th year exams and are waiting with trepidation to hear if they may progress with their final year of training to become our next doctors. We wish them both the best of luck with their exam results.

Prakash, Apsara, and Kamal (all in 1st &2nd year) are continuing with their studies, and progressing well. They report that the weather is apparently stiflingly hot (it is the monsoon season), and landslides are contributing the ongoing difficulties of the relief efforts around the country.

We have heard that the students are all needing more medical books, an expensive “must” for any medical student. Please do consider a donation to help them continue their training:

TO DONTATE https://www.justgiving.com/4w350m3/donation/direct/charity/187878#MessageAndAmount


The trustees are also visiting Nepal in early October – so if you have any medical books (less than 15 years old) or equipment to donate to our students, please send to Highwell, The Drove, Hamsey, BN8 5TD, or deliver locally to Brighton (contact Kate on info@doctorsfornepal.org)


Thank you.

Dr Lalit learning to do Caesarian Sections

Dr Lalit learning to do Caesarian Sections