What impact does one doctor have? Dr Lalit’s story

I am working with Nick Simmons Institute (NSI – and NGO that funds extra doctors in Government hospitals) in Taplejung district-  the most remote area of eastern Nepal, home to Mount Kanchanjungha,  the 3rd highest peak in the world. This is my 3rd year of commitment to work back in a rural area after I received my scholarship with Doctors For Nepal.
Four months into working here, I work across two different areas.
Firstly is my day to day clinical practice.    There are two doctors from the government,  and us two doctors from NSI. All  the other three are gone for leave and examinations,  so currently I am alone working in the hospital. Quite a busy workload for one doctor…
– In outpatients, the average patient flow is 70 to 80 per day, and currently I do an of average 40 consultation per day.
– The in-patient department holds 25 beds, and is almost full everyday. I am responsible for the day- to- day care of the patients.
– A large part of our work is comprehensive emergency obstetrics care – mainly caesarean sections (I have just done 4), dealing with emergencies such as haemorrhage (8) Breach delivery (3), vacuum delivery (2), retained placenta (4) cervical tear repair (3),  plus many neonatal resuscitations.
– Other work of mine includes Comprehensive Abortion Care -48 cases by me in 4 months.
– Plus so many of these, I cannot list them…minor surgery, fractures, Emergency room management……
Secondly is management and coordination,  focusing on improving our health delivery score. Before we arrived it was 62%, and now it has gone up to 70- 75% . It means that we are improving delivery of healthcare in this area, and both NSI and MOH (Ministry of Health) are happy with our work.
Here are  some picture of me working in a hospital, doing day to day activities. There is no blood bank here, in emergency cases we have to find the blood donor on the spot or sometime doctor or staff  gives the blood to safe the life.  This is me giving blood last week in an emergency.
Now I have to get back to my work. I just wanted to say that it is my ongoing commitment to work in remote areas,  and be honest, faithful and true in my relations towards DFN. This will always be my prime value and  priority. I will always remember my base line and background from where I brought by Dr Kate  and what my responsibilities are. In fact, I think DFN should continue to sponsor students exactly like me.
Thank you very much for every bit of support.



Lalit examining a small patient


Lalit on left operating


Lalit donating blood in an emergency to save a patients’ life