Yuna’s life as a student nurse

Yuna is in her third year of study to become a nurse.  She was recently given a 2 week placement in the labour and maternity ward at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, where she studies.  The labour and maternity ward has 50 maternity beds and 20 labour beds – per month the patient flow is 900 inpatients and 150 outpatients.  Here’s what Yuna has to say about her placement:

Yuna with Dr Prakash, one of DFN’s four doctors


I am a student of BSc. Nursing and currently studying in Bachelor’s 3rd year in Lalitpur Nursing Campus (LNC). I have learnt many things in this year in comparison to past years like conducting delivery, new born care, suturing, postnatal care, baby bath, etc which were new for me and I am loving this process of learning.


As a nurse, we are supposed to show empathy, emotional stability, good communication skills, flexibility, interpersonal skills, physical endurance, problem solving skills, respect, discipline, etc

Lalitpur Nursing Campus (LNC) is under the Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS). We have practical in Patan Hospital which is the oldest hospital located in Patan. Tertiary levels of facilities are provided in this hospital. It serves people from every district of Nepal, from remote villages as well as from Kathmandu Valley.

Being posted in this ward, I have learnt different things which are:

  • Method of collecting information of patients, new born care, conducting safe delivery by applying aseptic technique.
  • Management of high risk cases during pregnancy and after pregnancy.
  • Management of APH,PPH, PV examinations
  • Partograph filling
  • Observe the progress of labour
  • Breast feeding technique, Baby bath, pericare, postnatal care, etc
  • Active management of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stage of labour.

As we know, Nepal is one of the developing countries. It has tremendous geographical diversity and it is predominantly rural with only 9% of population living in urban areas. Due to the geographical variation all population are not able to use available services like health service, communication, transportation facilities, education and many more.  As a student nurse, after completion of my studies, I want to serve in the rural areas. So, the health status of people living in rural areas will be improve by providing basic medical help, awareness program. From childhood I have dreamt of becoming a nurse, so that I can help people in rural areas by providing basic health facilities. My aim is to help the needy people.

Thank you DFN!!