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Lalit qualifies as a consultant doctor

We are excited to announce that our very first doctor to graduate has completed his post graduate studies in Cairo, Egypt, and is now a qualified consultant, specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS LALIT - we are all so very proud of you. All your hard, hard work has paid off and now you can settle into your new job at Karnali Province Hospital in Surkhet.Lalit says "I have started a new chapter in my health professional life. I have started working as a maternity and gynaecologist specialist at Karnali Provincial Hospital, Surkhet. I thank all my parents, relatives, friends and Doctors For Nepal." Dr Lalit scans a ...

Dr Kate Yarrow wins an award

In the presence of the Honorable President Mrs. Bidhya Devi Bhandarijiu, Dr Kate Yarrow, founder and chair of Doctors For Nepal has received an award at the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) in Jumla, as recognition for the charity's work in rural Nepal. Sadly Kate was unable to accept the award in person, but Dr Kamal Hamal, one of our graduated doctors now working at KAHS, accepted the award on behalf of Doctors For Nepal. Kate says "It's amazing to see the result of our years of hard work training our doctors and nurses in Nepal. We now know that we are truly making a difference to so many lives. I am astonished and humbled to have been ...


https://vimeo.com/656135824 Please watch this special video made by Dr Nahakul, Dr Apsara and Dr Lalit CLICK HERE TO DONATE We have launched an appeal for much needed medical equipment. Until now, we have focused our fundraising attention on establishing scholarships; but now we have 6 doctors and a number of nurses working back in their remote mountain hospitals, it is vital they have essential equipment available to diagnose and treat their patients. Relatively basic equipment such as finger prick tests to measure the blood sugar and haemoglobin, pulse oximeters to measure the oxygen circulating in the blood and machines to reliably ...

Congratulations Dr Purna

We are hugely proud to to announce that we have another Doctor For Nepal. Dr Purna has passed his final exams at Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Kathmandu, and is our 7th doctor to have completed training through the Doctors For Nepal scholarship programme. Thank you so much to everyone for your support, and huge congratulations to Purna - you have worked so very hard to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor, and bringing your skills back to your remote community. Purna will now start a 1 year internship at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu before returning to his community as a qualified doctor.

News from Dr Apsara and Dr Kamal

Huge congratulations Dr Apsara and Dr Kamal who have both completed their 1 year internship at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu ????? They are now both off to their remote regions of Kalikot and Jumla to take up jobs as doctors back in their home villages. ??‍⚕️??‍⚕️? Their dream of bringing healthcare to rural Nepal has been realised - we are SO very proud of them both. ???☺️?